Wednesday, 15 October 2008

JDev 11g masterclass wrap-up

Today was the last leg of my JDeveloper 11g Masterclass sponsored by OTN and part of the AUSOUG Gold Coast conference series.

The 1 day masterclass has run around Australia, seeing the largest class yet at the Gold Coast. It was a bit of rush last week between AUSOUG conferences to update the JDev 11g TP material to the 11g production release, but it was important to show the students the latest release.

I'm certainly happy with the result, here's some of the feedback:
  • Excellent course without the Oracle marketing spin!
  • Awesome! better, quicker than a drawn out 5 day bore.
  • Perfect for Forms to JDeveloper presentation overview. Pretty impressive stuff.
  • Enjoyable & informative. Good overview and reasonable overview of the tool.
  • Great overview of new features.
  • Yes it was a good overview to what JDeveloper/ADF Faces combination can do.
  • The course satisfied my requirements: spot on!
  • Chris Muir was excellent, thoughtful and knowledgeable.
  • Very good overall overview of Oracle JDeveloper 11g. Enjoyed the workshop today.
I'd like to thank OTN for sponsoring the event series, thanks to AUSOUG for holding the series and organising the logistics (especially AUSOUG's General Manager Burke Scheld), and finally thanks to the delegates for signing up in the first place. It was great to meet you all and share my passion.

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