Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The 1st OOW08 Unconference session! - An ADF Methodology for the masses

2008 sees Oracle continue to expand their Oracle Open World offerings, with a greater participation from delegates as well as the usual "speaker mob". Last year Oracle and specifically OTN offered the Unconference for the first time, a great chance for anybody "off-the-streets" to sign up and present on any topic they felt interesting.

I'm excited to announce that the OOW08 Unconference is up and running and the ADF Methodology is the first cab out of the ranks.

As many of us know, a software development methodology is designed to assist experienced and uninitiated technology practicionist standardise their approach to software design & development. A methodology can help highlight common decision points, outline best practices, promote code reuse, and propose standard deliverables among many other things.

The goal of the ADF Development Methodology is to propose just such a methodology for JDeveloper Application Development Framework (ADF) based projects. With the experience of real-world experts, including Oracle ACEs and Oracle staff, we'd like you to join us to put such a methodology together.

Obviously a methodology is a huge undertaking. The intention of the OOW08 Unconference session is not to define a complete methodology at this time, but begin the process of constructing the methodology, to be filled in and expanded upon at a later date. All proceeds from the Unconference session will be placed on the Oracle Wiki allowing all to access the outcomes for their own use.

If you're interested in attending, it would be great if you could register your interest to assist us in planning please.

And as Shay Shmeltzer recently blogged, we've also started a Google Group to discuss the methodology before and after the event. Feel free to check it out and join, all participants welcome.

Thanks to Justin Kestelyn and the OTN team for their assistance behind the scenes, and to Shay for his blog post.

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