Saturday, 28 June 2008

About me

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Edwin Biemond said...

Nice Family Chris.

Tell me more about the lessons you learned of your first IT disaster.

thanks Edwin

Alex Gorbachev said...

The other one would hit me if I posted a photo of her on the internet.

Reminds me someone in my family. ;-)

Chris Muir said...

@Alex: what's with our significant others being so violent I don't know?

@Edwin: geez, where do I start?

I think the big 3:

1) Ambiguous requirements should be the death of any mid-to-large scale project before the contract is signed

2) Middle management have their own agendas beyond the success of the project (politics, bonuses, apathy)

3) Tight deadlines are not your problem, they're the problem of the salesmen/manager/team leader who set them (unless of course you're that person ;)


John Stegeman said...

Hi Chris,

Is it just me, or do you think you look like Donald O'Connor (the one on the left in this picture):



Chris Muir said...

@John: oh no, Donald definitely looks like me. It's just a fluke he was born before me ;P


Edwin Biemond said...

Ok, Chris.

It is always the sales and their commission salary and off course stange requirements.

I think nowadays there shouldn't be fixed price projects and only agile developement with the customer. that is working fine. If you give the customer the estimate in time and money of a requirement, then you see that the importance of the req. is changed to should have

Chris Muir said...

@Edwin: I agree, though the corporate and government world seems to love fixed prices contracts, and it's hard as a "lowely programmer" to argue otherwise.

Ah well, come the revolution, they'll be the first up against the wall ;)


HunterX said...

Nice photo with Nice family ;)