Monday, 7 April 2008

JDev ADF Code Reuse Facilities

Good programmers reuse code. Good frameworks promote code reuse. Oracle's ADF promotes code reuse through many different mechanisms, both in business services and the developed user interfaces.

This is a brief post, mostly a brainstorm for a current client, on the code reuse facilities available within JDev's ADF:

ADF Business Components
  • Custom Business Components Framework
  • Entity Objects - centralised validation, security, default create logic etc
  • View Objects - centralised SQL queries shared among pages
  • (11g+) View Object View Criteria - reusable VO SQL query predicates
  • Domains - reusable data types with own validation
ADF Faces/RC
  • Validators and Converters
  • (11g+) Tasks flows
  • (11g+) Declarative Components
  • (11g+) Page Fragments
  • (11g+) Page Templates
  • Skins
Readers are encouraged to obtain the JDev 11g ADF Guides and read sections "31 Reusing Applications Components" and "35.7 Working with Libraries of Reusable Business Components".

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