Saturday, 10 February 2007

Another JDeveloper blogger

In my role as a committee member of the Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG), I like to promote local Oracle talent in the user community beyond Oracle's own employees, be it by presentations or online efforts. Australia surprisingly has little Oracle blogging activity (Dizwell being the exception), though we are a big adopters of new technology and heavily use Oracle.

I'd like to point you to Brenden Anstey's blog. Brenden is a regular poster on Oracle's JDeveloper OTN forums and has many interesting insights and questions into the world of JDeveloper. In fact Brenden and I bumped into each other on OTN a year or so ago, realised we are both from the same home town, and have kept in touch since. Brenden was kind enough to present on my request on JDeveloper at the AUSOUG conference in both Melbourne and Perth on his experiences with JDeveloper too. That shows a level of professionalism beyond the norm by that act alone, along with his generous support on OTN.

Brenden isn't currently blogging regularly, but hopefully this will encourage him to start listing his favourite hints and tips. In particular check out his post regards JDeveloper vs CVS. A number of sites I've been at have huge headaches of using the two, so his post is valuable to have a look at.

If anybody else is aware of any other Australian Oracle bloggers I'd be keen to hear of them.


Gary Myers said...

I'm here, but not blogging as often as I'd like

Noons said...

Hey Chris: you haven't been following Australian folks in the net for long, have you?

Might be worth lifting your head from the AOUG and smell the roses from time to time.

"aware of *any* other Australian Oracle bloggers" indeed!...

hellooooo, reality?

Chris Muir said...

With apologies Gary, I forgot to include you. Noons, great to know that you're about too. There's also Jeff Kemp at:

...though he hasn't posted for a while.

Of course I mentioned Dizwell.

And finally Steve Button who I believe works for Oracle in Adelaide and is a great source of OC4J info:

Anybody know any other Australian Oracle bloggers? What about New Zealand?


Jeffrey Kemp said...

Another one I stumbled across was Fairlie Rego at - he's got some heavy Oracle stuff going on.

BTW I haven't posted for a while but I don't believe in "sorry I haven't posted for a while" posts... :)