Sunday, 1 January 2012

If you can't beat 'em join 'em

A New Year has brought a desire for new challenges. As a result early in the year I'll be taking on a new role as a product manager for ADF at Oracle Corporation.

The decision to move was certainly a difficult one. I've had an excellent 10+ years at SAGE Computing Services under the leadership of Oracle ACE Penny Cookson and the SAGE team, all who've been inspiring to work with. In turn I was fortunate enough to have two offers on my table which were both excellent, but both providing different outcomes. Choices choices.

The end decision has me moving to Oracle Corporation in early February, still based in Perth Australia for now.

One ramification of the move to Oracle is I give up my Oracle ACE Director status. This is a sad moment in many ways because like SAGE I owe the ACE Director program a lot. I feel that the program has allowed me to grow and extend my skills and experiences significantly. The chance to mix with other ACEs and Oracle staff, living up to their experiences & expectations, the chance to attend and present at conferences and share my enthusiasm with delegates has been incredibly rewarding. As a result my thanks go out to both the OTN team for running the program and providing the opportunity, and also to all the ACE and ACE Directors, Oracle staff, user groups reps and Oracle enthusiasts out there I've had pleasure of meeting and befriending over the last 5 years. Seriously your friendships, advice and generosity has meant a lot to me.

With that little bit of news out of the way I'd like to wish everyone a happy New Year and I hope to see you at a conference somewhere soon.

(Post edit: as some people have kindly taken the time to point out, yes it is in fact true, the real reason for the move is I just couldn't bear to be apart from Richard Foote ;-)


Tim... said...


Please submit papers to all the usual events. I will be gutted if we don't meet up!



Eddie Phan said...

Good luck with the jump to Oracle.
It was definitely an enjoyable experience working with you, i've learnt quite a lot while working together!

Hope you have an fantastic 2012 and hope to see you in the future


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

Wishing you all the very best in your exciting move to Oracle !!

This move was obviously made so that you can join me at Oracle and as such, is clearly understandable :)

If you have any Oracle newbie questions, just ask !!

Good luck mate.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris! You've made a tremendous contribution to the Oracle ADF community and I hope your new role will allow you to build on this. Good luck.

Zee said...

Congrats Chris good luck with your new job

Eugene Fedorenko said...

Great!!! Congratulations!

Yannick said...

Congratulations Chris.
Hope that you still find some time to put some effort in the ADF EMG. it would be a shame not to see the EMG at OOW this year :)

Michael Koniotakis said...

Congratulations Chris!
They are lucky to have you.
One more voice of logic in Oracle.