Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Just how famous can one man get?

Between OOW and the AUSOUG conferences it's a bit of a slow blogging time for me, while presentation preparation takes priority. With a little spare time I thought I'd share this photo of some recent booty (and before you get all excited, that's arrrrgh "Pirate" booty, not the other sort):

On the right my coveted Oracle ACE Director of the Year award from Oracle Magazine. In the middle Duke, thrown from James Gosling himself at his Oracle Develop OOW session. And on the left my cherished SAGE Computing Services award.

If the writing is a little hard to read, it says:

Sage Computing Services' own Chris "ACE Director of the Year" Muir - "How famous can one man get" Award - For excessive hard work blogging and general geeky behaviour.

And to think, I thought nobody noticed ;-)


SydOracle said...

When does the clothing range come out (like the oraclenerd T-shirts) ?

Chris Muir said...

One-size-doesnt-fit-all (TM) underpants are currently being packed in our overseas sweatshop and will be available from our web kiosk for your wearing pleasure soon.

Simon Haslam said...

Will you be burying all this stash for safe keeping? Of course I'd expect a treasure map too, with clues hidden on the internet (twitter perhaps).